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Organisation is essential to a busy and successful business. All the important documents you produce or receive need to be stored efficiently and safely, as well as other items like stationery supplies, archives, seasonal items and more. Filing and storage provides solutions for everything you need to file or store.   

With a vast range of versatile, space-conscious and stylish storage options, we can meet any need you may have. From traditional storage solutions like filing cabinets and swing door cupboards to modern innovations like mobile filing systems, you will find something to suit your needs. We also safes and lockers for secure storage, along with lateral filing and supplies, tambour door cupboards, metal shelving and cupboard accessories to customise your storage to your needs.

Every workplace has a range of storage needs, so look for the filing and storage pieces that will work best for you. We can help you with expert advice on stylish, coordinated options that will look right in your workplace and provide convenient and versatile storage. Your filing and storage should be chosen to support your current and future needs, and should be easily accessible. Placing loose items and files behind closed doors makes an immediate impact on the tidiness of your workplace while keeping them conveniently located and protected from dust. Safes provide security for valuable items, and lockers are a handy personal storage space for workers to keep their belongings securely. Lateral filing has become synonymous with healthcare, but can offer a convenient solution for many industries as it frees up valuable floor space. Another great space-saving option is mobile filing systems that rotate for easy access, or metal shelving on tracks that slides together.