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Getting your message across clearly requires the right medium. Whether you need to jot down notes in a meeting, or pin up notices in a common area, or display, project or teach, you’ll find what you need here.

We know all about good presentation. We have whiteboards, chalk boards, corkboards and pinboards, flip charts and easels, plus sticky easel pads and dry erase sheets and decals for temporary and semi-permanent messaging, along with all the erasers, cleaners and accessories you need. For attention-getting signage you’ll love LED writing and copy boards, and notice boards. We also have the presentation projectors, projector screens and laser presentation pointers you need to run your meeting or lesson.

There are so many solutions to choose from in presentation and display, and most likely you’ll need more than one of them. Dry erase options are a great way to make a point in a meeting, or for writing up notes when teaching, or even as a temporary sign to notify of a change of venue or to point the way. Changeable notice boards come in a range of options, like traditional pinboards, lockable covered notice boards, and LED display boards that light up your message for maximum impact. Display your presentation on screen with a projector and draw attention with a laser pointer. Your audience will be captivated with crisp, clear resolution.