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Your workplace organisation will be labelled a success when you keep everything labelled appropriately. Labelling offers a quick and easy way to identify items and for addressing correspondence.

Labels of all kinds bring order to the workplace, organising files, media, shelves, and more. Finding the right label for the task is easy with help from our friendly team. Tell us what you’re trying to achieve and we’ll show you which type of labels you need. Our range includes media labels, retail labels, laser labels, heavy duty labels, address labels, general use labels, multipurpose labels, thermal labels and removable labels. You’ll also find shelf label holders so you can easily replace inserts when updating book shelves, drawers or files.  

Choosing quality labels is important as you don’t want your labels to stain, age or peel off randomly. While multipurpose and general labels offer a great all-round option, they are not designed to perform perfectly in all conditions and surfaces. Matching your labels to your labelling needs will ensure you have the right labels. When selecting labels for printing you need a product that can withstand the heat and pressure of your printer and the type of ink or toner your machine uses. You may also benefit from the convenience of a purpose-designed label printer and designated labels.