Foster Children's futures with
The Pyjama Foundation

Supporting Learning, Life Skills and Confidence

Discover The Pyjama Foundation - our partner charity committed to reshaping the lives of children in foster care. They offer these children the chance to rewrite their stories through education, essential life skills, and newfound confidence.

Through the "Love of Learning" program, dedicated volunteers, known as 'Pyjama Angels,' are matched with foster care children. Together, they engage in learning-based activities, read books, play educational games, and provide homework assistance. These volunteers empower foster children to overcome early challenges and reach their full potential.

Children in foster care often struggle with education, but The Pyjama Foundation is changing that narrative. Shopping with Initiative also supports brighter futures for these children. Join us in making a

difference today. Shop with purpose and help us support The Pyjama Foundation.

Thank you for being part of the Charitable Initiative's mission to create positive change.