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Chairmats are one of the most important furniture accessories in any workplace, offering more than just protection for your flooring. We stock a range to suit your requirements.

When fitting out a workstation, it is essential to include a chairmat no matter what type of flooring you have. Chairmats are designed to offer four main benefits: protection for flooring, warranty protection, protection from static electricity and ease of movement. Using the right chairmat for your floor surface will minimise indentations, scuffs, marks and staining from spills. It can also be essential to meet warranty requirements for your flooring. In carpeted areas, chairmats can prevent the build-up of damaging static electricity, protecting your electronic equipment and data. You’ll find it easier to roll your chair than on carpet.

Select your perfect chairmat by first establishing the type of flooring you are covering. Hard surfaces like timber, concrete or tiles need a smooth backed chairmat, while carpeted or soft flooring needs studding to hold the mat in place. For soft flooring you will need to choose between low, medium or any pile thickness, which can be determined by inserting a pin into your carpet and underlay to measure. Low pile is suitable for up to 6mm, medium up to 12mm, and any pile for any thickness. The shape of the space under your desk will determine the shape and size of your chairmat.