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  • scotch 137 double sided tape 12.7mm x 11m
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  • Paper Mate® Flair® Scented Pens
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Around the workplace there are many different requirements to make things stick and we have the right product for each job, from decorative to functional.

Don’t get stuck looking for the right adhesive solution! We’ve got what you need to make things stick. Our range of adhesive tape covers the everyday to transparent options, double-sided, photo tape or decorative. In glues, you’ll find pastes, glue sticks, glue tape, glue guns and spray adhesive in various strengths, as well as sticky remover for when it’s time to reverse the decision. For semi-permanent solutions, you’ll need gripping solutions like Blu Tak, or wall mounting hooks and strips from the 3M Command range.

No single adhesive works for everything. For optimal performance, you’ll need the right adhesives, glues and tapes for each job. Office National stocks trusted brands that you can count on to provide the best solution. Looking for the right adhesive for your needs can be hard with so many options available. Our friendly staff are experts in office supplies and are ready to help you with your enquiry. We are committed to helping you find the right adhesive. We have adhesives, glues and tapes in various sizes for your convenience.