Retail Supplies

Find all of the bits and pieces you need to keep your business organised in and out of the workplace.  

There are office supplies for every need you may have. When travelling you can benefit from a specialised travel wallet that lets you recharge devices on the go, or brochure holders and display stands or photo frames for displaying important materials like brochures or magazines. Clips and clip dispensers are invaluable for keeping documents together, or key tags and racks for manageing your keys. For cutting you’ll need scissors, guillotines and trimmers, cutters, knives and cutting mats. And our office accessories include all the bits and pieces you need to run a successful business.

Retail supplies aren’t limited to the retail sector. While some items are unique to retail, most are basic business supplies that every company needs to function. Your business will stay organised and tidy with products that are as simple as rubber bands, rulers, thimblettes, paperclips and pins. Retail and hospitality businesses will benefit from more specialised products like brochure holders and display stands, counter bells, and peg board hooks for hanging displays. Key tags and racks are popular in the car rental and automotive repair industries. We also have menu holders used in restaurants and cafes.

Brochure Holders and Display Stands

Clips and Clip Dispensers


Key Tags and Racks

Guillotines and Trimmers

Office Accessories

Photo Frames

Cutters, Knives and Cutting Mats

Cash and Deed Boxes