Your workplace needs more than just stationery, furniture and tech. For ultimate staff and visitor satisfaction you need a properly stocked kitchen, cleaning cupboard and essential OH&S supplies, as well as mailroom and warehouse products. Facilities Supplies covers it all and offers you a great range of products perfectly suited to the work environment. With leading brands like Nescafe, Arnotts, Cumberland and St John Ambulance, we can supply every aspect of your business. Keep the troops happy with their favourite brands of coffee and tea, plus biscuits, chips and lollies. We can also supply disposable plates, cutlery and cups, plus all the cleaning supplies you need to maintain your canteen or kitchen. Look after your staff’s health and comfort with janitorial supplies and equipment like mops, soap and toilet paper. We’ve got all the up-to-date first aid supplies and Workplace Health & Safety equipment you’re obligated to carry, as well as everything you need for a functional mailroom or warehouse. View our range of Facilities Supplies.
Canteen and Kitchen Supplies
Electrical, Power Protection and Batteries
Gift and Party Supplies
Janitorial and Cleaning Supplies
Tool Kits and Padlocks
Mail Room Equipment and Supplies
Occupational Health and Safety
Packaging and Shipping

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